North Region Schedule: April 8th, 2017 – Exhibition Hall

Recital Time First Name Last Name Title Movement
1:30pm Xinyi Luo Minuetto  by L. Schytte
Hudson Tien Tarantella Op. 14 No. 8 by F. Lynes
Zoya Aslam Arabian Dance  by T. Brown
Enya Zheng Follow the Leader No. 11 from First Term at the Piano by B. Bartok
Dominic Swift Musette in D major BWV  Anh126  , in D major by J.S. Bach
Aadity Sharma The Sparkling Brook  by M. Goldston
Alice Lam Russian Dancer  from Lyric Pieces for the Young by N. Dello Joio
Natalie Kwan Festival of Snow  by M. Bober
Brian Greco Stormy Night  by M. Bober
Tracy Chen Dreamcatcher  by A. Crosby
Leland Tsai Les ombres de lune sur la montagne  by J. Linn
Alan Lin Russian Dance  by A. Tansman
Brian Mai L’Adieu (The Farewell) Op. 100, No. 12, in A Minor by F. Burgmuller
Benjamin Swift Elves’ Dance from Lyric Pieces, Op. 12, No.4 , in E Minor by E. Grieg
Julia Chan Neapolitan Song Op. 39 No. 18 from Album for the Young by P. I. Tchaikovsky
Joshua Gee Moonlight Fantasy  by M. Bober
Ashley Kreiss Prelude Op. 43 No. 1, in D-flat Major by R. Gliere
Titus Lo The Cat and the Mouse  by A. Copland
3:00pm Srishti Sripada Russian Folk Song  op.107, #3 by L. van Beethoven
Ethan Truong Sonatina   Op. 39 No. 1, in C Major by F. Lynes Allegro
Chloe Yim Dance of the Gypsies  by M. Mier
Nathan Chan The Wild Horseman Op. 68 No. 8 from Album for the Young by R. Schumann
Kathy Wang Impromptu  by C. Gurlitt
Chelsie Chin Sonatina  , in G Major by Thomas Attwood
Katie Chung Menuet BWV Anh 115 from the Notebook for A. M. Bach by J.S. Bach
Sanjana Selvaraj By the Seaside Op. 63 No. 7 by L. Streabbog
Christina Zou Sonatina Op.157 No.1  , in C Major by F. Spindler Tarantella, 2 movement
Hallie Chong Wild Honeysuckle Rag  by M. Mier
Ananya Mahadevan Knight Rupert Op. 68 No. 12 from Album for the Young by R. Schumann
Adrienne Yen Nocturno   by D. Alexander
Titus Williams Prelude No. 9 , in D minor by R. Vandall
Anvin Tang Sarabande  by W. Gillock
Allison Wang Sonatina Op. 55 No. 2, in G Major by F. Kuhlau Allegro
Michael Zhu Grandview Boulevard Strut  by M. Mier
Katrina Poon Child Falling Asleep Op. 15 No. 12 from Scenes From Childhood by R. Schumann
Carolyn Wang Nocturne Op. 19, No. 4 , in C sharp minor by P.I. Tchaikovsky
Sarah Wang Milonga del angel  by A. Piazzolla
Olivia Sally Blue Lake Tahoe  from Nocturnes by Dave Brubeck
Alyssa Truong The Cat and the Mouse  by A. Copland
4:30pm Nicholas Cen Bagpipe  by  Unknown
David Zheng Yangtze River Cruise   by Emile Lin
Chloe Zhen Snappin’ Harriet  by  Faber
Tristan Valdez Sailor’s Dance  by A. Tansman
Theresa Zheng Yangtze River Cruise   by Emile Lin
Nicole Reyna Chan Sonatina by Albert Biehl , in C Major from Sonatinas by A. Biehl Allegro
Karen Chiu Persian Market  by N. Faber
Elyanna Kwok Sonatina Op. 36 No. 1, in C Major by M. Clementi I: Allegro
Ethan Jeong Rondo Toccata Op. 60 No. 4 from Four Rondos by D. Kabalevsky
Raymond Chin Harmony of The Angels Op. 100, No. 21 by F. Burgmuller
Colin Sutedja Toccata Spirito  by D. Alexander
Sophie A. Chan Mazurka  Op. 39 No. 10 by P. I. Tchaikovsky
Milana Levin Sonatina Op. 55 No. 3, in C Major by F. Kuhlau Alegretto graziozo
Elliot Wallis Razzamatazz , in Bb Major by R. Vandall
Grace Huang On the lake  Op27. No.12 by Heinrich Hofmann
Carolin Pan Rondo Dance Op. 60 No. 2 from Four Rondos by D. Kabalevsky
Emma Yin Nocturne “Op. 54, No. 4” by E. Grieg
Mandy Feng Sonata K. 330, in C Major by W.A. Mozart Allegretto
Vy Truong Waltz Op. Post., in E minor by F. Chopin

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