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To apply for membership, please fill out the MSSL membership application form and send the completed form to the membership secretary:

MSSL Membership Secretary
38733 Jonquil Dr, Newark, CA 94560

Questions? Email to Erin Yu:


MSSL Application Form

pdfsmMSSL Bylaws


Music Students’ Service League


Created August 2016

Article I – Name

The name of this Association shall be the Music Teachers’ Association of California, Music Students’ Service League, Southern Alameda County Branch.

Article II – Office

The principal office of this association shall be in such a location as determined from time to time by the Student Officers of the Music Students’ Service League.

Article III – Purpose

Under the Community Outreach Program, there is a student run program called the Music Students’ Service League (MSSL). These students, whose teachers are members of the MTAC, are able to serve the community as well as earn service hours for their organization or school. These service hours will and must be certified.

Article IV – Mission Statement

The goal is to promote happiness achieved through musical entertainment as well as to develop musical appreciation and talent for the underprivileged members of society.

Goal 1: Organize a group of musically talented, eager individuals who share a passion for cultivating a greater musical appreciation in society.
Goal 2: Arrange and establish connections to senior homes, hospitals, volunteer centers, community centers, churches, etc.
Goal 3: Gain status and prestige in the community and promote musical appreciation around the Bay Area.

Article V – Membership

Section 1. – Qualifications

The members of the MSSL shall be students whose music teachers belong to the Music Teachers’ Association of California. The students may be at any performance level as well as from any branch.

Section 2. – Rights

The membership rights for each student will be governed by the bylaws of the MTAC Southern Alameda Country Branch.

Section 3. – Teachers and Parents

Teachers and parents of members may not interfere with the organization and running of the Music Students’ Service League in any way more than necessary as these matters will be managed by the students officers. All events and activities will be run by the student officers with the exception of the MSSL’s advisor.

Parents of middle and high school aged members may not represent their child(ren) in the Yahoo emailing group. Middle school and high school students must have their own email when applying to secure their membership in the Yahoo group. He or she must sign up for events themselves. Parents of younger students may represent their child(ren).

If teachers or parents do not abide by the rules outlined, the officers will rightfully restrict access to MSSL activities and any other groups associated with the MSSL of the Southern Alameda Country Branch. If there are any concerns or suggestions, teachers and parents may contact the advisor, Olya Katsman at, and not the student officers.

Article VI – Officers of MSSL

Section 1. – Terms

There shall be twelve officers on the board of the MSSL of the Southern Alameda County Branch. Officers must show responsibility in their duty and if not, will be asked to leave their position.

Their positions are presidents, vice president, general secretaries, membership secretaries, corresponding secretary, treasurer, historians, and publicity manager. They will be nominated through essay or personal interview by the active presidents on a yearly basis. The term of each position is one year and officers will serve the same position for a maximum of two terms.

Section 2. – Priority

High school students of the MTAC Southern Alameda County Branch teachers will have priority when determining officer positions.

Section 3. – Resignation and Removal

An officer may resign at any time by submitting a written notice to the MSSL presidents and the advisor at least thirty days before official position resignation. Officers to be removed will be notified ahead of time by email or letter.

Section 4. – Meetings

There shall be a minimum of five meetings per year that will take place every other month of more frequently if necessary.

Article VII – Positions

Section 1. – Presidents

The co-presidents shall conduct the events and plan community outreach programs. They will maintain and update the MSSL Yahoo group as well as respond to any emails.

Section 2. – Vice President

If the presidents are absent or unable to act, the vice president shall perform all the duties of the president. They will also assist in organizing events and community outreach programs as necessary.

Section 3. – General Secretaries

The general secretaries shall be responsible for keeping track of and certifying every members’ acquired community service hours accumulated. They will produce the event programs and the volunteer certificates to be signed. The secretaries will also record the minutes of meetings held.

Section 4. – Membership Secretaries

The membership secretaries shall be responsible for entering all new applications into the Yahoo group database for record-keeping, sending invitations, and following up with the students, parents, and teachers to update information as needed.

Section 5. – Corresponding Secretary

The corresponding secretary will be responsible for providing monthly updates to the MTAC Southern Alameda Country Branch board regarding planned events, participation and attendance, new members, and any MSSL needs.

Section 6. – Treasurer

The treasurer will administer and manage the financial needs such as budgets and fees as well as distribute costs of materials evenly among members as necessary. If need be, they will write formal requests for funding to the MTACSACB board. The treasurer will also keep a record of all receipts and transactions to be reimbursed. They will keep a record of every members’ application fees.

Section 7. – Historians

The historians shall be responsible for keeping a scrapbook of all the events during the season. Photos and programs are to be included in the scrapbook. The historians will provide the photos to be posted on the MSSL website,, to the website administrator of the Southern Alameda Country Branch.

Section 8. – Publicity Manager

The publicity manager shall regularly update the MSSL Facebook group and create online posters that promote upcoming events. They will send out reminders and encourage members to sign up for events. The publicity manager may also encourage recruitment of new members.

Article VIII – General Rules

Section 1. – Event Priority

Students that have not had the chance to participate in previous events will be given priority in registration in cases of the situation where all event time slots are filled. Officers will determine the list of participants based on the number of times a particular student has already volunteered.

Section 2. – Google Forms System

Students who are interested will sign up for events on a Google form that will be sent out with an announcement via the Yahoo emailing group and the Facebook group. He or she must provide their full name, age, and piece information on the form or the registration will not be processed. Time slot availability in events will be determined based on the priority clause of the Bylaws and the Event Priority clause described in Article VIII Section 1.

Section 3. – Event Sign Up and Confirmation

Students must sign up for events two weeks before the event date. He or she must confirm their attendance one week before the actual events upon the supervising officer’s request. If a student fails to meet these deadlines, he or she may be taken off the list of performers. In the situation a performer has an emergency and must be absent from the event, he or she must notify the supervising officer as soon as possible. If there are multiple last-minute absences, the officers will determine the consequences.

Section 4. – Teacher Prohibitions

Teachers are prohibited from posting about MSSL activity in any social media associated with his or her own studio. Consequences of violations may be removal from the MSSL or any other consequence determined by the MTACSACB board.

Section 5. – Two Strikes System

To prevent unexcused tardiness, early dismissals, and absences to MSSL events, a two strike system will be implemented. The first time there is an unexcused absence, early dismissal,  or tardy, members will not receive their five hours of community service and will be prohibition from performing in the next event.  The second strike  means removal from the MSSL group and future events.



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