Monster Concert Rehearsal & Concert Day Details

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Dress Rehearsal Concert Day
Date Jan. 6th, 2017 Jan. 7th, 2017
Location Castro Valley Center for the Arts
19501 Redwood Road
Castro Valley, CA 944546
Castro Valley Center for the Arts
19501 Redwood Road
Castro Valley, CA 944546
Dress Code no dress code Boys: dress shirt (long sleeve preferred), long dress pants and dress shirt. Jacket & tie are optional. No jeans, tennis shoes or sandals.

a knee-length dress, a knee-length skirt and top, or dressy blouse with slacks and dress shoes.  No jeans, tennis shoes or sandals.
Schedule & Details
There are three groups divided by titles. Students must arrive on time for their group rehearsal but may leave once their assigned songs/pieces have been rehearsed. Please note that these times are approximate rehearsal times, which is why the sessions have overlapping rehearsal times for each group. Conductor may ask for more rehearsal time for a particular piece if needed.

Group 1:     5pm to 6:30pm

All I Ask of You (voice)
Still a Bach Christmas (Voice)
Puppy Love
The Little Tin Soldier
Yangtze River Cruise
Balloon Pop Polka
Jalapeno Hop
Recital Rag
Spanish Intermezzo

Group 2:     6pm to 7:30pm

Marriage of Figaro
Habanera from Carmen
Jazz Walk
Hava Nagila
Racing the Wind
Star Wars

Group 3:     7pm to 9:30pm

Vivaldi Concerto for Two Violins in A Minor (Violin group must arrive at 6:30pm for practice)
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
Turkish March
Polonaise in A Major
The Entertainer
Barber of Seville
Students must arrive by 1pm to the Green Room and should bring their own water, snacks, and quiet activity items (such as a book, homework, game, etc.). ALL ITEMS must be labeled with student’s First & Last Name in case items get lost.

All students should report at the Green Room entrance of the Center for the Arts by 1 pm.

All students are to be picked up at the Green Room (a waiting room behind the stage) by one parent only at the end of the concert. High school students can leave without a parent.

concert-attendees (including parents of performers) must purchase tickets to attend concert. Tickets can be purchased online here for $10 or at the door on Concert Day for $15 (cash or check only). Doors open to the audience at 1:30pm. Concert will start at 2pm and end at approximately 4pm. Please stay for the whole concert so students can take a group picture on-stage at the end. After the concert, there will be a discounted piano sale hosted by Pianos Plus. All pianos on-stage and in hallway are on sale.




Previous Rehearsal Details

Rehearsal Location:

Pianos Plus
1558 A Street
Castro Valley, CA  94546

(Park across the street at the Pianos Plus Warehouse parking lot)


GROUP 1 Rehearsals
#1   Nov. 5th #2  Nov. 12th #3   Dec. 17th #4 Jan. 2nd
 Rehearsal Time & Leaders  Rehearsal Time & Leaders  Rehearsal Time & Leader Rehearsal Time &  Leader
1. Puppy Love 6:30-6:45pm Michelle Chi  6:30-6:45on Michelle Chi 6:30-6:45pm Alex Katsman 6:30-6:45pm Alex Katsman
2. The Little Tin Soldier 6:45-7:00pm Sandy Fong  6:45-7:00pm Millie Chiem 6:45-7:00pm Alex Katsman 6:45-7:00pm Alex Katsman
3. Yangtze River Cruise 7:00-7:15pm Millie Chiem  7:00-7:15pm Millie Chiem 7:00-7:15pm  Alex Katsman 7:00-7:15pm  Alex Katsman
4. Balloon Pop Polka 7:15-7:30pm Loan Nguyen 7:15-7:30pm Loan Nguyen 7:15-7:30pm  Alex Katsman  7:15-7:45pm  Alex Katsman
5. Jalapeno Hop 7:30-7:45pm Sophia Vu  7:30-7:45pm Sophia Vu 7:30-7:45pm Alex Katsman 7:45-8:00pm Alex Katsman
6. Recital Rag 7:45-8:00pm Maria Ehlert  7:45-8:00pm Maria Ehlert 7:45-8:00pm Alex Katsman 8:00pm-8:15pm Alex Katsman
7. Spanish Intermezzo 8:00-8:15pm Sophia Vu 8:00-8:15pm  Sophia Vu 8:00-8:15pm  Alex Katsman 8:15-8:30pm  Alex Katsman
8. Marriage of Figaro 8:15-8:30pm Jesse Micek  8:15-8:30pm Jesse Micek 8:15-8:30pm  Alex Katsman  8:30pm-8:45pm Alex Katsman
9. Habanera from the opera Carmen 8:30-8:45pm Loan Nguyen 8:30-8:45pm Fonny Chandra 8:30-8:45pm  Alex Katsman  8:45pm-9:00pm Alex Katsman
10. Jazz Walk 8:45-9:00pm Maria Ehlert 8:45-9:00pm  Fonny Chandra 8:45-9:00pm  Alex Katsman  9:00-9:15pm  Alex Katsman
11. Star Wars 9:00-9:15pm  Kristen Normann 9:00-9:15pm Kristen Normann 9:00-9:15pm  Alex Katsman  9:15-9:30pm     Alex Katsman
12. Racing the Wind 9:15-9:30pm Kristen Normann 9:15-9:30pm  Kristen Normann 9:15-9:30pm   Alex Katsman  9:30pm-9:45pm Alex Katsman
 13. Hava Nagila 9:30-9:45pm  Kristen Normann  9:30-9:45pm Kristen Normann 9:30-9:45pm  Alex Katsman  9:45-10:00pm   Alex Katsman
Group 2  #1 Nov. 6th  #2 Nov. 13th  #3 Dec. 18th  #4 Jan. 3rd
Rehearsal Time & Leaders Rehearsal Time & Leaders   Rehearsal Time & Leader  Rehearsal Time & Leader
14. Eine Kleine Nachtmusic 5:30-5:50pm Millie Chiem  5:30-5:50pm Millie Chiem  5:30-5:50pm Alex Katsman 6:30-6:50pm Alex Katsman
15. Turkish March 5:50-6:10pm Susie Kim 5:50-6:10pm  Susie Kim  5:50-6:10pm Alex Katsman  6:50-7:10pm Alex Katsman
16. Polonaise in A Major Op.40, No.1 6:10-6:30pm Gail Lew 6:10-6:30pm  Marina Grudskaya

 6:10-6:30pm Alex Katsman  7:10-7:30pm Alex Katsman
17. The Entertainer 6:30-6:50pm Grace Cheng 6:30-6:50pm Jesse Micek  6:30-6:50pm Alex Katsman  7:30-7:50pm Alex Katsman
18. Gopak 6:50-7:10pm Grace Cheng  6:50-7:10pm Jesse Micek  6:50-7:10pm Alex Katsman  7:50-8:10pm Alex Katsman
19. Barber of Seville 7:10-7:40pm Susie Kim 7:10-7:40pm Susie Kim  7:10-7:40pm Alex Katsman  8:10-8:30pm Alex Katsman
20. Sheherazade Op.35, Allegretto 7:40-8:00pm Grace Cheng 7:40-8:00pm Marina Grudskaya  7:40-8:00pm Alex Katsman 8:30-8:50pm Alex Katsman

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